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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

First and foremost, we hope that you and all your families are in good health, safe and well during these immensely challenging times. We understand that the past few months have been extremely difficult for so many industries who have been hit hard financially and we wish everyone a speedy recovery during these unprecedented times.

IDT Support are doing our very best to ensure your businesses are all running smoothly, from a technical aspect and that you have the very best solutions and services that will allow you to spend more time being productive. It is important to please ensure that you take onboard the guidance from our senior engineers in relation to any necessary upgrades and security measures, that may be recommended as we have seen it time and time again where if the correct measures have not been implemented, it can become a costly affair to rectify, and we would like to save your money in the long-term and keep your businesses running.

There may be grants and funds available to your business to use for your IT so please look into that in the first instance or feel free to reach out and we can look into this for you.

In order to ensure we keep you updated with all the new developments IDT Support are pleased to announce our first Monthly Newsletter which will include all the new and exciting projects we are working on; Industry news; New products and Services; New Ventures and Partnerships as well as our very first Client Referral incentives! The newsletter will be issued on the first week of every month.

If you have any news you would like to share please contact me or email and I would be more than happy to include the information in our future newsletters.

Cyber Security

With many businesses now using a remote working model due to the current pandemic, cybercrime and risks to IT security have suddenly been brought to the forefront for most companies trying to cope with this change.

Unfortunately, many scammers are trying to take advantage of people working from home, and people’s concerns about Covid-19, by using telephone scams, phishing emails, Smishing such as text messages, putting the security of employees and businesses alike, at risk during these difficult times.

A report conducted in April by TSB Bank found that 42% of people suspect they have been the target of phishing attacks during the Covid-19 pandemic and one in ten knows someone who has been a fraud victim since the pandemic started.

IDT can offer unique support for our SME business clients during this challenging time.

We are also offering Free 30 min Assessment; Cloud consulting; Strategic consulting Ensuring your IT and business is in alignment and Security Consulting.

Our IDT team of Cyber Security experts can help support you with the following:

· Determine whether you have suffered a cyber-attack or data breach

· Offer guidance and support throughout the incident

· Identify the appropriate steps to remediate the incident

· Provide practical advice on cyber security best practice and risk management

Investor in People Awards

It’s Official!! IDT Support Solutions Ltd have have been shortlisted by Investors in People for the Employer of the Year Awards 2020.

It is great news for IDT to have been shortlisted for ‘Employer Of The Year Award’ as we have invested heavily in our staff, products and services over the past few years and it is nice to have the recognition for this through the Investors in People and we are proud to have attained our Silver Award, first time with great feedback from the IiP.

And just in case you have missed it here is the feedback and comments…

“IDT have achieved an excellent Iip benchmark score of 832 out of 900 which is significantly above the overall Iip benchmark score of 724 and the IT industry is a score of 734. This means IDT is in the top 10% (position 165 of 1656) of all organisations that have undertaken the survey. It is also position 4 of 66 within the IT and computer service sector. It is a great achievement for a first-time assessment”

Investors in people (Iip) Report by Auditor Tariq Mahmood

Ream Demnati, Marketing Communications Director said “We are delighted to have achieved the Silver award for investors in people, first time! This accreditation only reinforces that people are at the very heart of our business.”

“The dedication and commitment to achieve this recognition is not simply a status driven process, but one that encompasses the values of the company, who have worked hard to receive this award but more importantly continue supporting the community too, by offering work apprenticeship for the Greater Manchester Chamber of commerce and St Helens Chamber of Commerce.”

The development and growth of the team is fully supported by Colin Hepplestone IDT founder and Managing Director who said “The time and investment spent developing the infrastructure and core procedures is reflected in the positive attitude of the people that work for IDT.

“Everyone in the company has the ability to put forward suggestions and ideas that continually improve our business, ultimately benefiting our customers. As a result, IDT has seen fast growth of 60% in 2018 and a further 40% in 2019. We are positioning ourselves to build on our success and expand further in 2020.”

We are delighted for IDT Support who have achieved the Investors in People Silver Award, which recognises performance achieved through integrated people practices. This is a great achievement for a small organisation has shown an open style of leadership with a positive impact.”

John Martin, IIP Business Development Manager.

We would like to thank our brilliant team members for taking part in the interviews and surveys and for making this indeed possible, as well as to all our clients and customers for their loyalty and great feedback!

Customer Feedback

Over the past few months we have been trialling our customer feedback and the responses have far exceeded our expectations, we are overwhelmed with your kind words and comments…….

Just have a look at the a few of the testimonials included below!

“Perfect and prompt as always”

Lee (Gold Star)

"Quick resolution of the problems I was experiencing with a VPN connection, now able to continue working from home. Thank you.”

Andrew (Gold Star)

“Helpful and proactive as always thanks”

Stephen (Gold Star)

“Great Mike as always. Thanks”

Mike (Gold Star)

“David Melling who dealt with setting up my laptop was very patient and kept me informed throughout the process what he was doing. He also ensured the set up worked properly and checked everything twice.”

James (Gold Star)

“Excellent service as always”

Lee (Gold Star)

“Excellent service, as always. Fantastic turnaround time. Thank you for your speed in organising this laptop - quickly relieved our stress levels. Keep safe”

Rich (Gold Star)

“Thanks for your help Michael!”

Karen (Gold Star)

“Excellent service talked me through whole process, went above and beyond as always”

Alan (Gold Star)

“Thanks David on sorting this out for us at short notice!”

Kevin (Gold Star)

“Nothing is too much trouble for Dave, always dedicated and supportive. Thank you”

Mel (Gold Star)

Our NPS Score

What does NPS mean?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a way of measuring if our customers would recommend us.

We ask every person who talks to us about our service and how they would rate us. During an average day, we update our score. We really are obsessed with service and providing the very best solutions to you and that's why we are growing our portfolio!

What is the Happiness factor?

The Happiness factor is a single, simple metric for gauging satisfaction, we use this to update in real time.

It is calculated as follows:

Percentage happy (GOLD + GREEN RESPONSES) / Total responses

How can you help?

Your feedback has truly been amazing, and it is important to us, so we would like to keep them coming in, so that we can remain at 100% Satisfaction and Happiness Score.

The average score for an IT company is usually around 70-80% so we are extremely proud of this as we are far from average in everything we do!

After each and every helpdesk ticket you will have the opportunity to click on one of the Gold star or smiley faces and provide us with your feedback which is very important to us, as it allows us to see how we are performing.

Should you or any of your team have feedback for us regarding the service, Newsletter or just in general please feel free to email us on

We regularly review the results with our team to ensure our performance remains at optimum level! If you have an extra minute, then we would very much appreciate your comments too when you receive the feedback request.

A little thank you.

Introducing the IDT Referral Scheme

As a thank you for custom and loyalty, we would love to offer you our clients our New Referral incentive scheme. We know these times are difficult for all of us and we would like to support you and help when and where we can, which is why we will be introducing a referral scheme for our existing clients so if you know of anyone who may be interested in any of our services or a free consultation, or you would just like to know more about the scheme please contact Ream Demnati by email quoting REF0001 in the ‘subject line’. Alternatively, you can call on 07825 880267 for further information.

We have plenty more exciting news for you which we will be sharing in our next newsletter so please keep an eye for the next issued on the first week of August 2020. If you would like to subscribe to receive our monthly newsletter, please click here to complete the form.

If you would like to get in touch please email or call us on 01925 363 600.

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